Yes, there is! Our sponsorship program is available to everyone. Here's how it works:

1) Invite your friends
Share your unique link that you can find by clicking on "Referral" on the Staycation homepage
Note: you must have done at least 1 Staycation in order to use this feature
2) £10 or 10€ for your Friends!
Once your friends register using your link, they will receive (depending on their location) either £10 or 10€ off their first booking - and the opportunity to spice up one of their weekends ✨
3) £10 or 10€ for you!
Once your friends book their first Staycation, you also get (depending on your location) either £10 or 10€ off your next Staycation (valid 1 year)
Every referral = £10 or 10€, so make the most of it 😉
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