Terms and conditions of our amazing Golden Ticket giveaway:

The Golden Ticket consists of one year of free access to Staycation. It is limited to 12 bookings of maximum £200, and for hotels in the UK only.
The Golden Ticket is limited to the UK only. The referrer and the referees must live in the UK and therefore have their Staycation location set in the UK to be eligible for the Golden ticket
In order to be eligible for a Golden Ticket, a user must successfully refer a pre-defined number of people to Staycation. A successful referral is a referral that lead to a sign-up.
Staycation reserves the right to verify the eligibility of the sign ups invited by the user
The referrer will have a limited time period to refer the number of referees required to be eligible for the Golden Ticket. The referral time frame and the draw date will both be announced in advance by Staycation
Any additional spend (upon booking, or whilst at the hotel during the Staycation) to the £200 limit amount defined above is possible, but it will be at the expense of the user.
A Golden Ticket is not transferable, but it can’t be auctioned, traded or sold.
A winner will be randomly picked by Staycation amongst the all users that respect all the eligibility criteria defined above
A Golden Ticket can be withdrawn at any time, even after the draw, if Staycation believes the user is fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of this agreement
All the rules of the Referral Programme defined in our General Terms and Conditions apply, except for the monetary referral reward.
In these special instances, Users that have never booked with Staycation will not be eligible for the standard monetary reward included in Staycation’s referral programme.
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